Scenarios overview

Technology dimension
Default Alternative assumptions
GDP potential (energy demand ) Ref High Ref
Availability of renewable energy sources Default Default Low
Energy efficiency Default Default Default
Policy dimension
Business as usual: calibrated to existing policies BAU BAU_log
Carbon pricing 2050 Target
(t CO2e p.c.)
Economy-wide CO2 tax 1.5 15TPC 15TPC_log 15TPC_ren
1.0 10TPC 10TPC_log 10TPC_ren
ETS and uniform CO2 tax 1.5 15TPC_etsUni
1.0 10TPC_etsUni
ETS and differentiated CO2 tax 1.5 15TPC_etsDiff
1.0 10TPC_etsDiff
EU ETS and uniform CO2 tax 1.5 15TPC_EUets
1.0 10TPC_EUets
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