Simulation Lab

SimLab is a virtual platform for sharing knowledge about simulation models for socio-economic energy research in Switzerland. The SimLab is a shared infrastructure of SCCER-CREST hosted by the Center of Economic Research (CER) at ETH Zurich.

What do we do?

  • Obtain, develop and maintain quantitative models & data for socio-economic energy research
  • Provide a shared resource and virtual knowledge platform
  • Improve individual simulation models and establish interfaces to other models

Why is this important?

  • Simulation-based quantitative analysis is an important research method to understand and evaluate the socio-economic impacts of energy and economic policies. The SimLab provides comprehensive information about the existing models in Switzerland.
  • Developing simulation models is a demanding process due (i) the complex underlying concepts and (ii) the need to incorporate different data sources, to identify empirically plausible specifications, and to address computational aspects. The Simlab facilitates this process by providing a platform for sharing knowledge, expertise, and data.
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